The first single I ever bought was Tears for Fears "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" at the tender age of 9.  As a teenager, I moved away from mainstream music into rock and metal hoping to shock my parents but alas they are rockers at heart!  G 'n' R and Metallica were my idols in those days. Nowadays, I listen to all types of music from mainstream to the obscure.  Chances are if you after a particular song, I will have it on my playlist.


I have always wanted to be a DJ from a very young age. It wasn't until I moved from the UK to NZ that my dream came true. I started off with basic DJ gear and made sure this was my destiny before upgrading to better make's and models of equipment  Since then I have grown in the small town of Whangamata into a professional DJ.


I'm sure you know how the name came about but for the people who don't, Here's the story.  The Kiwi's & Aussie's call us Brits from the UK, Prisoner of mother England - that's how DJ Pommy D came about. But after 6 years it was time for a change and so DANG3RUST was born not so long ago.  


I'm a open format DJ, playing fortnightly at a local venue in Whangamata.  If your in town, come down to Smoky Pallet and see me DJ.  I promise you a evening of excellent music. 

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